hi, i'm rachel

I was born 20-some years ago and brought home to live in Hagerstown, Indiana. I grew up here, I graduated from here and now I live here. Contrary to the musing of my peers, I actually enjoy living in a small town. I was never desperate to get away. After moving away for college, I was actually desperate to come back. I met my husband here. I have gained incredible friendships here. I love that I know who lives in every house on my street.

I photographed my first "real" session at 14 years old. I photographed my first wedding at 16. Once I graduated from high school, I pursued business but by the grace of God, I was able to transfer to a photography school and complete my degree in Photographic Science.

I want quality photography to be obtainable.

I want your images to be timeless and candid.

I want you to be comfortable and content.

I want the person who hates being photographed to look back and think "that wasn't that bad."

I want to be your photographer and I want to be your friend.

If you think we might be a good fit, please use the contact box below to contact me. Questions? I'm an open book.

say hello!

Photo Fourteen LLC

98 E. Main St.

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