Ella, Ella, Ella - where do I even begin? I met Ella while working with her sweet mom 7 years ago (maybe more). I love her mom dearly so naturally, I love this girl, too.

Ella is kind, thoughtful, genuine, attentive and just one of those people who makes you feel valuable right from the start.

Every. Single. Shoot we've done together has had me so excited to take more. She always goes with the flow and whatever I want to try but also has her own amazing, creative ideas that always left my photographer heart exploding.

I'm going to sincerely miss having a good excuse to hang out with you every couple of months, Ella girl!

SO proud of you and the person you are. I have no doubts you will be crazy successful and make a huge impact on the world.

What are your plans for the summer?

Relaxing & vacationing until I go to college.. yay!

Top 3 favorite things of senior year:

Seeing friends everyday, getting to leave half days, senior night

What will you miss most about high school / your hometown?

I will miss seeing everyone I've grown up with and care about.

What are you most excited about being done with high school?

Experiencing college and "moving" out of home!

Give a shoutout to the people who helped you the most this year:

My parents, Mrs. Arnold and my friends

What are your post high school plans?

Attending IU to study finance at the Kelley School of Business.