Lovely Ella - can I just start by saying how happy I am to know you? Your smile lights up a room. Your bubbly personality is so refreshing. You are such a complete joy to photograph and work with!

We started her photos in the winter last year. We struggled with our schedules to find the perfect time to get started with photos and a huge snow was the best time to start. Can I just say they are some of my most favorite snow pictures EVER? We took spring pictures later and finished with her cap and gown. I'm so sad to be done with photos. I've enjoyed every minute with you, friend!

What are your plans for the summer?

Vacation until it's time for college!

What will you miss most about high school / your hometown?

All of my coaches, sports and teammates!

Top 3 favorite things of senior year:

Breaking two school records in swim, prom and senior tailgate!

What are you most excited about being done with high school?

Not having to attend class everyday from 8:30a-3:00p.

Give a shoutout to the people who helped you the most this year:

My parents, Quaid, and Gray!

Best wishes, Ella girl!