Where do I begin with this beautiful girl? I can't tell you the exact moment we met (showing my age here) but I don't remember much of my high school / adult life not smiling when I saw her around.

Emma is such a special person - she is light-hearted, kind, funny and so down to earth. She is constantly helping someone or working towards something.

I got to watch her perform her senior dance as I photographed her and she didn't miss a single step. (Me, on the other hand, forgot pretty much all of my senior dance as soon as I got on stage and winged it for 80% of the song.)

Emma is always sweet, always kind and always willing to lend a hand. She has so many beautiful qualities that I can't begin to spell out but trust me when I say, this girl will touch many lives.

I'm so fortunate I got to spend so much time with her this year!

What are your plans for this summer?

Spend time with family, babysit and tan!

Top 3 favorite things of senior year:

Working at the elementary school, being in the office, and dance!

What will you miss most about high school / your hometown?

The family atmosphere

What are you most excited about being done with high school?

Beginning a new chapter!

Give a shoutout to the people who helped you the most this year:

My family, friends, Mrs. Rainey and Mr. Tyner!

What are your post high school plans?

Major in psychology and minor in education.

Thank you, Emma, for such an amazing year of photos!