• Rachel Albert

A session recap of January 2020

I thought it would be fun to go back through sessions from earlier this year and share some of my favorites from each session. I was going to start from September and work backwards but then I thought that if I'm actually really "on it" (HA! You can laugh.. I already am.) then it would be all sorts of confusing.


My sweet friend Dimetra brought her whole family in for portraits and they are SO CUTE. I'll only share a few of her little fam. These photos reminded me how important it is to be photographed with your parents and siblings. They brought the laughs and the silliness - and I was 100% there for it!


This sweet family - where do I begin? The two oldest are the funniest, brightest, most entertaining kiddos. They had me laughing literally the entire session. They're the type of kids that make you feel like you've known them their whole lives. Sweet baby brother (still in the belly here) will be just the same - I have no doubt! We adventured outside for some of their family / maternity photos and I'm so glad we did!

Please look at big sis watching her mama. Be still my heart.

(PS. I'm working on building a client closet and this dress is available for you to wear during your shoot!)

You'll see little brother in my February post!


Do you all remember the super cute family I photographed last fall at Fort Harrison State Park? Let me refresh your memory:

Well, I got to photograph the family of four on the left and oh. my. goodness. The cuteness is unreal! (You'll see the next couple over in my February post 😍)

1) Amanda literally has the cutest style / taste E V E R 2) Those pearls baby girl is wearing are from her mama's wedding (my heart!)

3) These kiddos are literally the cutest little models. I'm obsessed with both of them!

Please just look at his little smile. Melts my heart!

It doesn't get cuter than this! ... or maybe it does. This fam came back in June and just wait until you see my favorites. I might just post the whole gallery. 😂

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