• Rachel Albert


Julie married Trey on a warm, sunny afternoon on the 6th of June in Connersville, IN.

VENUE: Roberts Building, Roberts Park, Connersville, IN

BRIDAL GOWN: Stella York - Bridal Rack, Indianapolis, IN


HAIR: Kristi Nash, Studio K

MAKEUP: Kristi Nash, Whitney Penrod, Studio K

GROOM ATTIRE: Columbia, Levi - Amazon

GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: same as groom

CAKE: Nancy Janes Sweets by Kristin Herbert

FLOWERS: Arranged by Warm Glow Candle Company

DECOR: Hand crafted by the bride (You go girl!)

OFFICIANT: Jesse Hilbert for Lindsey Clement

MUSIC / DJ: Skyla Hilbert

  • I bought my boots on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.

  • Trey's boots didn't come in on time and the groomsmen got to pick their own.

  • I purchased the flowers and had them arranged at Warm Glow - she took the flowers on short notice (Tuesday at closing) and had them ready by Thursday!

  • Centerpieces were from Goodwill and handpainted.

  • I'm so thankful for Jesse because she went with being the officiant even though it was last minute - Lindsey had a baby (congrats!) and wasn't able to be there.

  • Skyla was a champ for doing the music and going with it.

  • Shoutout to my mom for going along with every DIY project and endless weekends shopping!

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