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I've been waiting a while to do this post. I wanted everything in the studio to be fully decorated and complete but let's be honest, is anything ever that way? Ask my husband, Braden, how many times I redecorate and move furniture around in our house. Why I felt like the studio would be different is beyond me. Let's start from the beginning.

Some of you know that I was working full time as an administrative assistant at our local elementary school for the past 3 years. The hours were long and after staring at my computer screen all day, the desire to spend hours on my computer at home was pretty much non-existent. I so desperately wanted to do more photography and do less full-time job. I felt that my clients deserved more than the tired, overwhelmed photographer I was giving them M-F. I think most photographers dream about having a studio. There is just something about have a space where you can *control* your elements. Don't get me wrong, I love photographing outdoors. I love the light, the endless opportunities for new looks and the flexibility it provides.

But when the slightest glimpse of this beautiful opportunity came into view, I jumped on it.

The town museum owns the building I am currently residing in. I love the fact that my rent money does not pad the pockets of an individual but supports a part of the town that I love. The area that I am renting has housed many - a sports shop (boats used to hang from the ceiling), a BMV and more recently, The Arts Place. (The Arts Place moved to the north east side of our building.) There is no doubt that this space is bursting with character. I love that I get to be a part of this building's rich history.

(PS. I probably put 50 miles on my car just driving around and around looking at this building... HA)

This space was well loved.The light is energizing in the morning and afternoon and there is a calm in the evening. There is such a good energy to the space.

It is positively lovely.

After the space was emptied, we had to reevaluate where we were headed. Do we refinish the floors? Do we paint the walls a color? Do we tear down the middle wall? The carpet had probably been laid before I was born so it was obviously time to go. The flooring under the carpet was not in any shape to be redone. We opted to put down new flooring and to be honest, it's lovely. We also painted all the walls a bright white to maintain the airy feeling of the room.

We spent so many weeks

cleaning, painting, spackling & dreaming.

You could find me there almost every day until dark.

We painted the storefront windows black. (Which I LOVE, by the way. So many people were confused by my choice but I love it.) Our most helpful friend, Clint, built me a partition for a dressing room. My mom and dad climbed the crazy tall ladder to help me paint up high. I climbed up once and could barely get back down. I wanted to passed out. I'm a big baby.

As I'm writing this, I have thought to myself "was it really as stressful as I remember?" Yes. Yes, it was.

I remember:

  • my wrists and arms hurting so bad from painting that I couldn't grab my coffee mug the next morning

  • my clothes were covered in paint and dirt from crawling around on the floor painting the trim

  • my nails were white from spackling and painting

  • eating dinner at 9pm every night

  • making 439 trips to the hardware store to pick up to something we had forgotten

We waited a long time for the flooring to be installed but when it finally was in place, it started to feel like home.

I just can't believe

I get to live out this dream.

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