• Rachel Albert


I ended the last post with a good 'ole "to be continued". Let's be for real -- it took me that entire duration to get the studio in photo-worthy condition. I kid, I kid... kinda.

I have rearranged the furniture about 1,400 times. Those who visit for a second time are often surprised at how different everything looks. I have had two different tables, two different couches and about 15 different pieces of art on the wall. I can finally say, more than 6 months later, that I feel like I have found "the place" for everything. My incredible father-in-law has helped me SO much with finding great furniture. I am the proud owner of a precious little settee that is older than all of us combined. He found me a perfect mantle for my Christmas photo shoots (that I now have sitting in my little editing nook). I have the most lovely harvest table fitting perfectly right inside the door. No, you can't buy it. I know you want to but I'm pretty sure I would be cut off if I ever let it leave my sight. My parents were instrumental in making this place a success. Every season change, my mom and I dedicate an entire day to decorating the front windows. We have stood outside in the middle of the road to admire our hard work more times than I count.

Braden has (obviously) set me up with the best tech: fast wifi, good sound and a bunch of other techy things that I don't understand but appreciate.

My favorite little corner of the world is located in the back: the dressing room. I welcome every client to use the studio to whatever extent they choose. Photo sessions, meetings, a place to change or warm up.

The other day, I had a sweet young lady stop by. After giving her the tour of my little place, she said,"This place looks just like you." I could not be more proud.

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